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Flight Simulation Developers and Enthusiasts | Aerospace Professionals | Pilots

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Aerospace Vehicle Physics and Systems Modeling & Simulation | Aircraft and Missile Design 

Modeling & Simulation Capabilities |  Aircraft and Missile Employment | Wargaming

Advanced Warfare | Aerospace Futures | Intelligence | Unmanned Aircraft

MATLAB | Simulink

Low on Theory, High on How-To

I tailor the content to just what you need. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, unless you want to. I know you do. Yeah, it really is that cool.

Always Available, Always Growing

If you have a computer or smart device, you have access. And unlike textbooks, my content grows and evolves to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Reliable, Efficient Delivery

If you are tired of digging through textbooks, forums full of "experts" or wikis to get answers, you will appreciate my vetting and organization.

Downloadable Materials

Everything on Aerospace Pro is available to download. 


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Make Your Ideas Pay

So what do you have in mind? A documentary? A new mobile app. Add-ons or assets for flight sims or virtual worlds. Dethroning Digital Combat Simulator? Great, go for it! If your project requires compelling aerospace physics and models, the Aerospace Pro can help.

Do not just animate. Simulate!

Career Success

If you want to stand out in today's job market, you need to go the extra mile to increase your value. Let the Aerospace Pro help you develop skills to get that job or next promotion. 

Chasing Excellence

If are looking for opportunities to improve, whether it's getting better at crosswind landings or trying to squeeze that last bit of flight time out of a drone, you are in the right place. You bring the willingness to learn, the desire to think outside of the traditional education paradigm, and let the Aerospace Pro will bring the knowledge.

The Aerospace Pro

From the Wright Flyer to Battlestar Galactica Vipers.  From drones to ballistic missiles. The Aerospace Pro is passionate about anything aviation and space.  Bona fide rocket scientist. Over 25 years in aerospace and defense. Private and remote aircraft pilot. And a really big technical library. All in a website.        

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